Eddyline Brewery first New Zealand craft brewery to tackle CO2 emissions through carbon-capture technology

NELSON, New Zealand – Eddyline Brewery will be the first craft brewery in New Zealand to capture and reuse carbon dioxide CO2 emissions to create its craft beer – leading the way in sustainability for the craft brewing industry.

Typical breweries produce excess CO2 during fermentation that is not captured but rather vented into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. Then they will buy fossil-fuel-derived CO2 for their production and packaging needs, venting this again into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas.

Eddyline has partnered with Earthly Labs to capture waste CO2 – refining it and making it ready to reuse in brewing and packaging processes. This new technology helps craft brewers like those at Eddyline to keep CO2 emissions out of the atmosphere and create independence from outside supply chains. It is a significant investment for Eddyline, but is considered an important part of their sustainability focus.
“Eddyline has always sought to ensure its environmental footprint is as small as possible using sustainable processes. It is shameful to be producing CO2 that is usable, yet wasting it into the environment. Recapturing CO2 is a better way for the planet and creates superb beer too” says Eddyline co-founder, Mic Heynekamp.
“We have been looking for a solution for several years and had been in the process of designing our own system, when we learned of Earthly Labs’ recapturing unit. We knew this was going to be the perfect solution.
“CO2 is critical to the brewing industry and recent moves such as the closure of the Marsden refinery highlight how important it is for businesses to be forward-thinking. This investment, along with our centrifuge processes to reduce our water use, and soon-to-be installed solar panels, will ensure our carbon footprint is as minimal as possible.”
The scientific community has modeled the need for global businesses to capture, reuse, store, or convert billions of metric tons of CO2 to mitigate climate change. Carbon capture has long been reserved for large-scale brewers with millions of dollars to invest. Earthly Labs has miniaturised the technology to make it affordable and achievable for small businesses. CiCi® – the plug-in-and-play unit, will enable Eddyline to capture more than 10,000 kg of CO2 in 2023. For every hectoliter of production, a typical craft brewery will use approximately four kilograms of CO2. As Eddyline grows, it will be able to maintain a minimal carbon footprint.

“Eddyline is an example of how small businesses can tackle the climate change challenge with practical solutions that deliver a compelling payback,” says Earthly Labs CEO Amy George.
“We are inspired by all the ways Eddyline is meeting their commitment to their community and the environment, making great beer, creating jobs, adding solar, saving water, and now recycling CO2. It is great to see them be the first New Zealand craft brewery among sustainability leaders in the world.”

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  About Eddyline

Eddyline Brewery is a 100% independent, family-owned brewery in Stoke, Nelson on New Zealand’s South Island. Eddyline’s founders originally began brewing in 1999 in the United States, opening Eddyline in Nelson in 2016. Eddyline uses only New Zealand-grown malts and as many New Zealand hops as possible. Its recently expanded brewery is using innovative technologies to make better beer while minimising its impact on the planet as a responsible business. InstagramFacebookWebsiteTwitter For more information or interview, please contact:

Adam Tristram
Market Expansion Manager, Eddyline Brewery
P: +64 (0)21 263 7239   About Earthly Labs

Earthly Labs’ mission is to avoid one billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The company’s carbon capture technology allows for energy-efficient capture, purification and reuse of carbon dioxide from small-scale sources.
Earthly Labs’ solution includes patent-pending small footprint capture hardware “CiCi®” process control and monitoring software, and maintenance services. The new CO2 exchange program allows companies to capture and sell wasteCO2 to create value. CiCi® is the first platform available for the small, craft brewing segment. Earthly Labs is a division of Chart Industries – a leading provider of technology, equipment, and services related to liquefied natural gas, hydrogen, biogas and CO2 capture amongst other applications. Click here to find out more.